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Our church family is made up of like-minded disciples of Jesus who are committed to following Him, serving Him, and sharing Him with others. We have been worshipping together and serving our community together for over 50 years. We are an independent congregation, not affiliated with any denomination. We are committed simply to following the examples of the earliest Christians as recorded for us in Scripture. Those early believers were not perfect, and neither are we, but we have learned to rely entirely on the steadfast love and mercy of our God and Savior in order that His grace and love might be clearly illustrated though our weaknesses. Our simple prayer is that God’s will might be done and that His name might be glorified though our service to Him.

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Our purpose is to create a welcoming and inclusive community where people can explore and deepen their faith in Christ Jesus in a supportive environment. We strive to provide meaningful worship experiences, engaging educational opportunities, and compassionate outreach initiatives that positively impact the lives of our members and the broader community. Our vision is to be a beacon of hope, love, and transformation, inspiring individuals to live out their faith in Christ Jesus in practical ways while fostering a sense of belonging and spiritual growth for all who seek it. Through our commitment to authenticity, discipleship, and service, we aim to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we encounter, sharing Jesus with them in a way that helps to open their eyes to the powerful, redeeming love of our Heavenly Father.






Five families feel the call to plant a church in Mission Viejo and begin meeting in one of their homes.


Construction begins on the church building in April, and the first worship service is held in the new building in September.


Construction is completed on a new auditorium, fellowship hall, and classrooms, expanding our ability to worship, meet, and serve together.


The first elders are appointed to serve, the first full-time minister is employed, and a property is purchased.


The Marguerite Christian School is opened, serving families with young children in Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities.

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