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However, the 66-day journey to the new land was a treacherous and uncomfortable one that led the Mayflower further from the Hudson River and closer to the tip of Cape Cod. Nevertheless, after a month, the people on the ship, commonly known as Pilgrims, crossed Massachusetts Bay. This is where they started establishing the village […]


WHAT IT MEANS TO BE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD Read Genesis 1:26-27 God created birds, fish, and other animals but not in His image. Then He created man in His own image, which means man is special. While we were created to be like Him, we were not created to be Him. Then […]


Read Titus 2:1-9. At times we think that sound doctrine is a specific theology or doctrine about the church. However, Paul’s definition of sound doctrine refers to how we live in the world; it’s not how you do church. How we do church does not attract those who live in the world. Did you know […]