Read Titus 2:1-9.

At times we think that sound doctrine is a specific theology or doctrine about the church. However, Paul’s definition of sound doctrine refers to how we live in the world; it’s not how you do church. How we do church does not attract those who live in the world.

Did you know that we are one of the few churches on the planet that are Acapella? People may like us, and that’s okay. But that’s not what attracts people to Jesus.

I love to sing and other things. But the Gospel of Paul refers to this about doing good in the world so that the Gospel of the Lord can be attractive. That’s sound doctrine!

Read Titus 2:11-14

I wish I could say that the world around us was eager to do what is good. But we both know that they aren’t. Turn on the news and see for yourself. There are very few news reports talking about people doing good. The days have passed when the news bulletin used to show one nice story at the end of the report. Remember those days? We don’t get those anymore as the world is not built around doing good.

But you and I should give ourselves to doing good by practicing the sound doctrine Paul is talking about. How do you go about doing what is good?

Paul mentions some things you can do to live in this life, including not giving in to ungodliness; don’t chase after the worldly passions. What does a Godly life look like?

People should remember to follow authority, to be obedient, to be ready to do what is good, to slander no more, to be peaceful and considerate, and to always be gentle towards everyone.

The Boy Who Found God!

I recently watched a video about a young boy who packs two Twinkies and two bottles of apple juice in his backpack. He stands at the door and the mother asks him where he is going. He responds, “I am going to find God.” He gets into the subway, catches a train, and heads out of the city. He enters a park, and there is a lady there who seems homeless. He sits next to her and they start talking. He pulls out a Twinkie, which he starts to eat. The facial expression of the lady shows that she wants one too, and the boy gives her the other Twinkie he had.

She is so excited, and she eats it. Once they are done, the boy drinks one bottle of apple juice and gives her the other to wash down the Twinkie. They finish drinking and the boy leaves for home. The lady goes to another bench in the park. At home, the mother asked the boy whether he found God. The boy answered, “Yes, and she is a woman.” The homeless lady, on the other hand, is seated next to another homeless girl. This girl asks the lady how her day has been. She answers, “I found God today, and he does not look like anything I expected Him to look like.”

Share a Twinkie. Share an apple juice. It’s not hard! When I am on the road, I don’t eat lunch alone. I always look for opportunities to be kind to someone.

Read Titus 3:3

In the current world, political parties are constantly living in envy and malice, and they never come together. While one party is angry about losing the elections, the other wants to keep their president in power. They are living in a state of malice and hatred towards one another, and that’s not how were are supposed to be.

This world is not ours, our citizenship is in heaven. Hundreds of generations have passed since Jesus resurrected and ascended into heaven. And believers have been living under all kinds of political groups. For some strange reasons, we keep surviving. You and I are called to be different.

Read Titus 3:4-7

When Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit, it was a down payment to guarantee us the home in heaven that we have. The world needs to see this through the goodness that comes out of our lives.

Read Titus 3:8

To what are you devoted to? I am devoted to my wife. I would move heaven and earth for her. Every one of us has that someone whom they would do anything for.

Devotion means that you give all that you have. I am devoted to my wife. I am devoted to Christ. Who are you devoted to?

Read Titus 3:9-11

Sound doctrine is about being good in a world that is full of all kinds of evil and bad. Don’t be involved in all kinds of silly and crazy arguments that have nothing to do with doing good in the name of Jesus.

I challenge you to filter your life to living in a state of healthy, sound teaching and doctrine, which causes you to be good in the name of Christ.

I know that erroneous teachings exist. Some wild and crazy things are done in the name of Jesus. But it’s no different today than it was during the time of Christ.

Before Jesus went to the cross, he warned the disciples that some people will come after he is gone and claim to be the Messiah. Jesus knew that crazy things would be done in the name of religion and his name.

Read Titus 3:14

You and I need to be concerned with how we live good.

Live a quiet life, working with your hands so that you may have something to share with others. There is so much we can do in this world so that goodness will be exuding from us like an aroma. Paul says that we are the aroma of Christ.

God has called us through Christ to do good in the world; to do good things, and that is sound doctrine.

What’s the Take-Away from this Sermon?

My encouragement to all of us is to truly live as Jesus would have us lived. Live good lives and do good things for others. If we do good things in other people’s lives, this will attract them to Jesus.

Most people find Jesus because you and I have done something in their lives that made them see that we care, love, and want the best for them for now and eternity.

Let’s go out on a journey, to the community and the world, and seek opportunities to do good to those who are around us so we can truly spread the sound doctrine that Paul talks about.

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